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Good news for the Dietary Science Foundation
on its fifth birthday


Hooray! Five years ago today we founded the Dietary Science Foundation and approved the first version of our statutes. We have some exciting news to celebrate with: the project on diet for type 2 diabetes has gone to the second round in a bid for EU funding. To mark the occasion, all the researchers in the project will meet in Stockholm to work out the final details of the study’s design.

It feels somewhat magical to celebrate the Dietary Science Foundation’s fifth birthday. The support of so many fantastic people over the years has enabled us to distribute a total of 360,000 euros to various research projects. We have invested in top-notch studies about the effect of dietary treatments for IBS, type 1 diabetes, fatty liver, obesity and type 2 diabetes. In addition, we’re financing a project that will investigate how sugar consumption affects weight.

Round two for the EU application

Most of the projects have already started, and some have passed the halfway mark. However, the study of diet for type 2 diabetes, which is planned to be the largest European study ever done on the subject, requires more funding. But we have really good news: the project has made it to the second round in a bid for funding from the EU initiative JPI A healthy diet for a healthy life. 39 projects applied and 20 made the first cut. The researchers now need to submit a second application describing the project in more detail.

Suitably enough, the researchers will meet in Stockholm today to discuss the specifics. For example which blood tests should be taken and the kind of support participants need to help them stick to the dietary treatment. (The main features of the study have already been determined, you can read about them here).

Fingers crossed for the EU application

Researcher Simon Dankel will submit the second application at the beginning of July, and in the fall we’ll find out if the project will receive an EU grant. While we’re waiting it will be difficult to get any work done at the Dietary Science Foundation because we’ll be crossing our fingers so hard! Wish us luck.

Three cheers for the Dietary Science Foundation and for all our supporters who keep us afloat with donations. Together we make a difference!

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