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Nutritional research needs support to grow strong

Nobody can churn out pills made of broccoli and olive oil. Real food can’t be patented. Dietary treatments are of no commercial interest, so the resources for conducting large and well-designed scientific studies are meager. A nutritional researcher rarely gets more than a few hundred thousand euros to conduct a scientific study. Pharmaceutical companies can spend a million euros proving the efficacy of one single medicine.

A lack of commercial interest makes for weak science

The lack of resources means that dietary studies are often too short and have too few participants. Therefore results are often not of the quality that is required to change national treatment guidelines. With the help of your contribution, the Dietary Science Foundation aims to support structured evaluations of how health and disease are affected by diet. The foundation works toward initiating large, long-term and well-controlled studies, preferably designed by researchers who are on opposing sides of scientific controversies. This ensures that the studies provide results that are as objective as possible.

The studies will have a worldwide impact

The Dietary Science Foundation is based in Sweden, but the studies we finance will have a worldwide impact. The results will be published in international scientific publications, and can be used as a basis for dietary guidance in any other county. So no matter where you live, the support you give us will help to strengthen the official dietary recommendations in your own country. Our aim is to become an international organization for supporting dietary science.

Looking for funding?

The Dietary Science Foundation is new and has limited resources. When assets allow, the foundation’s scientific advisory board identifies a knowledge gap that needs filling. We then make an announcement so researchers who are interested in that area can submit proposals for studies.

Current projects

In 2016 the Dietary Science Foundation granted funding to a large-scale evaluation of the dietary advice given to people with type 1 diabetes. A scientific literature review conducted in 2010 revealed that the scientific support for the current advice is weak, showing an urgent need for high-quality studies in this area. Dietary advice is fundamental to the treatment of people with diabetes; minor pilot studies have shown that the advice given is crucial to patient’s blood sugar control. Today, only one in five adults afflicted with type 1 diabetes manages to keep their blood sugar levels within the medically recommended range according to the Swedish National Diabetes Register. Many of these people have blood sugar levels that put them at serious risk of an early death from cardiovascular disease or kidney damage. More effective dietary treatments can therefore save lives.

The clinical trail will be carried out at Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm, The Dietary Science Foundation is currently raising funds for the study, which is expected to cost about €450 000. Please, help us to support this study! Make a donation through PayPal.

In the summer of 2015 the Dietary Science Foundation invested in an evaluation of the role of carbohydrates in IBS. In many countries IBS affects more than one in ten of the population. It can lead to depression and to lengthy leaves of absence from work and school, but to date there is no real help to be found at the doctor’s office. To build our knowledge about IBS, the Dietary Science Foundation is contributing to a study in which a low-FODMAP diet is being compared to both a strict low-carbohydrate diet and a conventional treatment. Read more: Evaluation of the role of carbohydrates in daily abdominal pain. The study is currently running at the Sahlgrenska Academy and estimated to be completed in 2020.

Finished studies

No scientific studies have yet been completed as the foundation was established relatively recently (June 2014).