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A real Iron Man runs for the Dietary Science Foundation


In the beginning of May Mr. Stefan Fennsjö, 52 years old, will be performing a double Iron Man in order to draw attention to the Dietary Science Foundation. In three days he will swim, cycle and run a distance that corresponds to the one between Stockholm and Gothenburg. He hopes for more research in the future, on how food can strengthen the body during a cancer treatment.

Stefan Fennsjö has been an active sportsman all his life. In his youth he played hockey and in judo he took a black belt. Some twenty years ago he was smitten by Triathlon. Now he will perform a double Iron Man in order to draw attention to the importance of food for your health.

– My sibling’s grandchild has leukemia and I want her to eat food that gives her the best prerequisites to recover. I also think of all those with diabetes. It is very important that research is being done on how diet affects different diseases, Stefan Fennsjö says.

Since five years back he himself eats a strict low carbohydrate diet, and because of that he has gained a better physical endurance during the hard races he performs. Now that fat is his principal energy source, the energy lasts longer than when he loaded himself with carbohydrates. Before it happened that he could hardly remember the finish line and he needed nutrition intravenously after the race.

– The difference is like night and day, both when it comes to my energy and recovery. I can run a hard race one day, and be ready for a new one the next day, Stefan Fennsjö says.

The interest in diet and health actually came from his wife. After she had been taking a course they both switched diet; they excluded all junk food, sugar and wheat flour, and began to cook food from natural ingredients with a low content of carbohydrates.

– We often discuss how food affects us and we are both very interested in this topic, he explains. 

Stefan Fennsjö’s résumé includes, among other things, a number of Iron Men, Triathlons, Ultra Marathons as well as common Marathons.

With the Dietary Science Foundation logo on his chest he will now – on his own account – complete a double Iron Man in three days. He will start on May 10th, 2018, when he will swim 7.6 kilometres and ride his bicycle 140 kilometres in the vicinity of Jönköping. The next day he will ride his bike 240 kilometres and on the third day he will perform 80.4 km of running.

Incomprehensibly strong, we in the Dietary Science Foundation think! What an Iron man. We are very happy that Stefan Fennsjö wants to draw attention to our work. We agree with him that there is an urgent need for evaluations of how the food we eat affects cancer. It’s a much too neglected area.

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