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270,000 euros to the study of diet for type 1 diabetes


We have fantastic news for you once again. The study of diet for type 1 diabetes which the Dietary Science foundation helped launch three years ago has received another large grant from the insurance company Skandia’s research fund: 270,000 euros, no less. The project will fill an important knowledge gap in healthcare and can help extend the lives of many sufferers.

The projects the Dietary Science Foundation has supported continue to receive large grants from other sources. Just the other day we were able to tell you that the study of diet for stomach pain (IBS) has received a further 240,000 euros. It is with great pleasure that we announce that Skandia has now given 270,000 euros to the study of diet for type 1 diabetes.

“It’s heartening to receive this money. It will allow us to recruit more people to work with the study, which means the project will progress faster,” says project leader Anneli Björklund, associate professor and senior physician at the Diabetes Center, Academic Specialist Center in Stockholm.

The Dietary Science Foundation originally contributed 60,000 euros to the project. Skandia’s research fund then added over 280,000 euros, Stockholm County Council 60,000 euros and Diabetesfonden (the Swedish Diabetes Association’s research fund) 65,000 euros. With Skandia’s further award of 270,000 euros, it means that for every euro originally given by the Dietary Science Foundation, 100 more have been given to this important project. 

Many with type 1 diabetes need lowering their sugar levels

Thanks to outstanding technology such as continuous glucose monitors and insulin pumps, many type 1 diabetics have improved their blood sugar levels. But according to the latest yearly report from the Swedish National Diabetes Register, only one-quarter of people reach their goal values, and one-fifth have such high blood glucose levels that their risk of cardiovascular disease is multiplied.

In this particular study the researchers are investigating how diet can be used to lower and stabilize blood sugar in type 1 diabetes. It is the largest, lengthiest study ever to be done in this sorely neglected area of research.

So thank you to everyone who has supported us so that we can invest in such crucial research.  It’s of vital importance! If you don’t already give regular donations, you can become a monthly donor here. We’re currently raising funds for a study of diet for type 2 diabetes, where the goal is disease reversal so more people can live healthier lives.

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