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The advice that led to weight loss:
“Minimize processed food”


According to a large study published in the medical journal JAMA yesterday, those who want to lose weight do not need to count calories. Participants were instead encouraged to severely limit the amount of processed foods and cook from nutrient dense ingredients. The consumed amounts of carbohydrates or fat, or their genetic profile, were not […]

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The Dietary Science Foundation’s new goal:
A Nordic study of a low-carbohydrate
diet in type 2 diabetes 


Is the dietary advice given to people with type 2 diabetes ineffective? Researchers from Norway, Denmark and Sweden want to jointly evaluate whether a strict low-carb diet counteracts type 2 diabetes better than the traditional low-fat diet. The Dietary Science Foundation is providing them with 10,000 euros to plan the project and apply for research funding. The […]

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The DSF backs a large-scale evaluation of
the role of carbohydrates in obesity


Is a low-carbohydrate diet the most effective way to lose weight? Or is weight loss just about counting calories? Is saturated fat really unhealthy for our hearts? The dietary advice given to obese people has been a topic of intense debate for a long time. The Dietary Science Foundation is now investing 60,000 euros in […]

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The Dietary Science Foundation’s latest venture:
An evaluation of the most effective dietary
treatment for fatty liver


Nearly a quarter of the world’s adult population has fatty liver disease, a condition that follows in the footsteps of obesity. There is currently no medical treatment and sufferers are at risk of dying prematurely. The Dietary Science Foundation has just awarded 60,000 euros to researchers who will investigate whether a strict low-carbohydrate diet or […]

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2017: another record year for
the Dietary Science Foundation


Can we call it a hat trick? The Dietary Science Foundation set a new fundraising record for the third consecutive year. In 2017 we collected a total of 151,000 euros, an increase of almost 75 percent compared to 2016. Here is a summary of the past year.

 But first and foremost: Thank you very much […]

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Diabetes Foundation gives support
to type 1 diabetes study


Good news has reached us once again: the study of diet in type 1 diabetes has received a grant of 31,500 euros from the Swedish Diabetes Foundation. Last fall the Dietary Science Foundation decided to give 60,000 euros to support a study of how diet could be used to lower and stabilize blood sugar in […]

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Funding announcement: Diet for obesity,

type 2 diabetes and related problems


Obesity and type 2 diabetes are two major public health challenges. The Dietary Science Foundation announces a grant of 140 00 Euro for projects evaluating the most effective dietary treatments for counteracting or preventing these diseases. Globally, an estimated 422 million people have diabetes and nearly 40 percent of the adult population is overweight or […]

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600,000 SEK awarded for the study
of diet in type 1 diabetes

In September of last year, the Dietary Science Foundation decided to support a study of how diet could be used to lower and stabilize blood sugar in type 1 diabetes, the type of diabetes that also affects children and adolescents. Since then, Anneli Björklund, associate professor and senior physician at Karolinska Hospital, who is going […]

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The Dietary Science Foundation re-
announces available funding


Last spring the Dietary Science Foundation announced the availability of funding for studies aiming to counteract or treat childhood obesity. Our scientific advisory board has now decided to expand the criteria to allow more proposals to be submitted. The Dietary Science Foundation’s scientific advisory board has reviewed the proposals submitted in connection with the announcement […]

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The Dietary Science Foundation
– support us for healthier healthcare


Three years ago, we founded a non-profit organization for dietary research in Sweden. It has grown steadily, and donations have been used to initiate two high-quality randomized controlled trials evaluating the effect of low-carb diets on IBS and type 1-diabetes. However, Sweden is a small country and we are keen to welcome international friends to […]

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