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Two of DSF’s studies have finished

Dietary Science Foundation | fatty liver | ketogenic diet | low-carbohydrate | nutrition | obesity |

We finally got what we’ve been waiting for: the completion of a study the Dietary Science Foundation has helped finance. And not just one but two studies have crossed the finish line. We will have access to the results after the researchers have analyzed and published the data in scientific journals. Research is not for […]

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850,000 € invested in a study of diet for type 2 diabetes

counter weight plus | Dietary Science Foundation | food for health | ketogenic diet | lchf | low-carb | nutrition science | type 2-diabetes |

The Dietary Science Foundation has terrific news once again: the study that aims to help people reverse their type 2 diabetes disease can finally get started. The Swedish insurance company Skandia is contributing 450,000 euros to the Swedish part of the project, and the Dietary Science Foundation is giving nearly 400,000 euros over three years. […]

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A summary of 2019:
Another good year for the Dietary Science Foundation

2019 | dietary science | Dietary Science Foundation | nutrition |

During 2019 all the supporters of the Dietary Science Foundation have raised nearly 160,000 euros, which is a record. The studies that the Dietary Science Foundation has helped launch have also received large grants from other sources. Here’s a summary of the year gone by.  A new year is soon upon us, and we’d like […]

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270,000 euros to the study of diet for type 1 diabetes

diet | diet for diabetes | dietary science | food | nutrition | type 1 diabetes |

We have fantastic news for you once again. The study of diet for type 1 diabetes which the Dietary Science foundation helped launch three years ago has received another large grant from the insurance company Skandia’s research fund: 270,000 euros, no less. The project will fill an important knowledge gap in healthcare and can help […]

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Study about diet and stomach pain receives 240,000 euros

diet | dietary science | dietary treamtent | ibs | research |

When the Dietary Science Foundation was founded five years ago we approved a grant to a study about the effect of carbohydrates on stomach pain, IBS. The study is one of the largest of its kind in this area, and it has now received a further 240,000 euro contribution from ALF. It is estimated that […]

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The best fifth birthday present:
A change of diet enabled Samuel to do a Half Ironman despite his chronic inflammation

Antiinflammatory diet | Bechterew’s disease | Ironman |

Five years ago today we launched the Dietary Science Foundation. We want to celebrate by telling you a fantastic story about what diet can achieve. Twenty-four-year-old Samuel Backman has overcome Bechterew’s disease, a chronic inflammation of the back and hips. A few years ago he felt so bad that he could barely walk. Now he […]

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Yet another study shows:
A low-carbohydrate diet lowers blood sugar in type 2 diabetes

dietary treatment | lchf | low-carb | low-carbohydrate | nutrition | type 2-diabetes |

Once again a scientific study has shown that people with type 2 diabetes who follow a low-carbohydrate diet have lower blood sugar levels than if they eat a traditional, carbohydrate-rich diabetic diet. One of the researchers behind the study, Thomas Meinert Larsen, is part of the team funded by the Dietary Science Foundation that is […]

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Good news for the Dietary Science Foundation
on its fifth birthday

diet | healthy life | type 2-diabetes |

Hooray! Five years ago today we founded the Dietary Science Foundation and approved the first version of our statutes. We have some exciting news to celebrate with: the project on diet for type 2 diabetes has gone to the second round in a bid for EU funding. To mark the occasion, all the researchers in […]

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The Dietary Science Foundation’s newest venture:
Europe’s largest study of the effect of diet on type 2 diabetes

CARBCOUNT | dietary treatment | ketogenic diet | low-carb | nutrition | type 2-diabetes |

Last year the Dietary Science Foundation financed the design of a study of diet for type 2 diabetes. The project involves researchers in five countries and the goal is to carry out the largest study ever done in Europe on the subject. The Dietary Science Foundation will now invest an additional 80,000 euros in the […]

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The Dietary Science Foundation supports a new project:
Sugar consumption to be measured using urine samples

dietary science | nutrition science | sugar |

A major challenge for dietary science research is that study participants sometimes fail to report things they eat, and especially foods that are considered to be unhealthy. The Dietary Science Foundation is awarding 30,000 euros to researchers at Lund University who will test a new, more objective method of tracking participant sugar consumption. They will […]

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