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600,000 SEK awarded for the study
of diet in type 1 diabetes


In September of last year, the Dietary Science Foundation decided to support a study of how diet could be used to lower and stabilize blood sugar in type 1 diabetes, the type of diabetes that also affects children and adolescents.

Since then, Anneli Björklund, associate professor and senior physician at Karolinska Hospital, who is going to run the project, has done a huge job raising additional funds for the study. In September, we got the good news that the insurance company Skandia would sponsor the project with 2,831,019 SEK. And now the Stockholm County Council has decided to invest a total of 600,000 SEK to support the study. We think this is fantastic! However, the project must be given the ethical approval that is required for all clinical trials. Anneli Björklund is currently formulating the ethics application.

Also, in early December, the Swedish Research Council will make its decision. The Type 1 diabetes project continued to the second round there in a call for clinical research funding. If approved, the project will be expanded to include more research centers, thereby becoming a multicenter study. So keep your fingers crossed!

But regardless of what happens, the project will still be the biggest study ever done on how diet can be used to stabilize blood sugar in type 1 diabetes. We want to say a big thank you to everyone who has made a donation. Without you this project could never have been launched! Together we strengthen the role of diet in healthcare.

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